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PaperKraft Retail Coasters

PaperKraft Coasters

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Why should you choose PaperKraft Coasters from Katz Americas?

PaperKraft Coasters from Katz Americas are the retail solution; with more than 18 different styles of coasters and multiple retail distribution options, PaperKraft has you covered!

Consumers today are interested in purchasing products that provide excellent value without diminishing quality and selection, that's what you get with PaperKraft!

PaperKraft Coasters can offer you and your customers: 


PaperKraft Coasters provides your customers with several eye-catching coaster designs from which to choose, including:

New Categories Coming Soon!

We also have many categories that will be available soon, offering designs that will appeal to a wide range of customers. These include sports teams, military, wildlife, seasonal and holiday coasters - just to name a few. Check back for more details!


PaperKraft Coasters can be sold in multiple categories, including in paper products, party supplies, near greeting cards and bar accessories, and in the beverage aisle. 


PaperKraft Coasters don’t just look good; they’re also made from thick, long-lasting absorbent coaster board, offering your customers the highest quality in paper coasters. 

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Read the PaperKraft Coasters Press Release.

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