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KATZ Display Board is the premium alternative to composite substrates. The unique properties of this paper-based rigid substrate provide a wide range of applications including hanging signage, free standing displays and other POS needs. High white, low-static print faces on both sides of the board provide superior printing and imagery. Additionally, KATZ Display Board is created using strict environmental initiatives and is fully recyclable, proving that “going green” doesn’t mean sacrificing¬†quality.

KATZ Display Board’s superior printing quality and a high white point let your message cut through the clutter. Don’t let plastic and foam core signage dull your marketing messages, get KATZ Display Board!

While lighter than composite competitors, KATZ Display Board is every bit as strong, boasting impressive thickness and dimensional stability. Our unique solid wood pulpboard core handles relative changes in temperature and humidity without warping or curling the way that composite materials do.

In addition to it’s beautiful print surface, KATZ Display Board also offers exceptional cutting properties, allowing intricate designs while maintaining outstanding rigidity and edge integrity for all custom signage needs. Outstanding results can be achieved by static or oscillating knife, router, guillotine and die cutting!

KATZ Display Board Is Approved For:

Some call it “Going Green.” We call it business as usual. KATZ Display Board is made with the earth in mind; every part of our production process focuses on sustainability and preservation.

Here are some of the highlights of our eco-friendly product
  • Made from environmentally friendly wood pulpboard.
  • No composites, plastics or mineral oils are used.
  • 100% compostable and recyclable post use.
  • Uses only Spruce wood from managed forestry.
  • Created with 30% pre-consumer recycled material.
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KATZ Display Board Specifications

  • Available in 48pt, 64pt, 80pt and 120pt thickness
  • Anti-warping and curling
  • 96 white point print finish
  • Printable on both sides
  • Custom sheet sizes available
  • 96″x48″ Standard Sheet Size
  • Reduced logistics costs
  • Reduced waste disposal costs
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