10 Ideas for Coaster Design. Topic 7: Fluorescent

Fluorescent coasters

Topic 7: Coasters so bright you have to wear shades!

If your idea of  advertising is to get noticed, look no further than fluorescent coasters! It’s probably one of the brighter ideas we have had!

Science behind fluorescents

So what makes our fluorescent inks or our fluorescent coasters fluorescent? In normal inks or dyes a color absorbs all of the visible light except that color. So yellow absorbs all of the colors but reflects yellow. Fluorescent dyes and inks work a bit differently. The molecules in the the dyes in addition to absorbing visible light also absorbs invisible UV rays. The molecule then converts those invisible UV rays into energy and then into a visible light.

Enough science, let’s talk about how you can use fluorescents on coasters. You can add a splash of fluorescent to give your design a little contrast or you can go full hyper-color eighties and use a combination of  fluorescent colors on your coaster. Either way you are giving a patron something totally different to look at. Who knows maybe your coaster will be the next hot thing on social media!

fluorescent coasters
fluorescent shot coaster

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