Advertising’s Small But Powerful Secret

As a business owner, ad agency, marketing professional or sales manager you want to get the most out of your advertising budget. Ad budgets come in all shapes and sizes. The big budget that hits all the relevant channels or the small ultra targeted budget, both want the same thing: results and efficiency.

Let’s face it ads and billboards can reach the masses but their ROI is negligible at best. Television ads often suffer from fragmentation, print ads suffer from loss of readership, and billboards suffer from tiny time windows in which to get the message across. Not to mention all of these advertising channels have other advertisers that are fighting for the same client as you!

Looking for a unique channel to fill in the gaps in your advertising strategy? Maybe you are looking for a unique main advertising strategy to separate yourself from your competitors. Either way you might want to look into the small but mighty beverage coaster. Let’s look at what sets beverage coasters apart from other channels.

Hand delivered advertising

There are not that many advertisements that get hand delivered and placed directly in front of your target audience. Wouldn’t that make marketing that much easier if you could have someone deliver and place only your digital ad, your billboard, or your commercial directly in front of your potential client? It would. That is what happens each time a coaster is placed on a table or bar in front of each person. That space is all yours.

A place where they want your ads

Let’s back up a little. You might be asking “Coasters are cool and all, but how do I get a bar or restaurant to use them?” Great question! Bars and restaurants want to protect their tables and bars from the moisture and condensation that comes along with cold beverages. Absorbent coasters are usually the go to. Bars and restaurants don’t want to pay for coasters, they want them for free. Usually if they buy enough kegs the beverage distributor will give them free coasters with beer brands on them. This is where you come in, you buy the coasters, you bring them to your local establishment that sells beverages and offer the coasters to them for free. It’s a win/win, you win by getting access to their audience and the they win by getting free protection for their surfaces! It’s that easy.

Coasters by the numbers

How can coasters help sell your product or promote your business? Again, good question! Here is some data to help:

  • During independent studies*, coasters have increased the sales of advertised items by as high as 27% when compared month over month
  • Coasters hold a 65% retention rateThink about it; 2 out of 3 people remember the messaging on coasters after their dining/drinking experience. That means that 65% of people remember your product, service, or business. It becomes a conversation piece rather than an advertisement.
  • Coasters influenced 11% of purchase decisions during independent studies*, which translates to real sales for your business. To put things in perspective, the average influence of a highway billboard is 1-3%.
  • Coasters offer more advertising bang for your buck…Why pay the premiums for people to see your message, when you can get 465,750 impressions per coaster order? Here’s how: The average customer will order 2.3 drinks per sitting. Over the course of a single drink, the customer will lift their drink and view the coaster an average of 9 times. With an average coaster lifespan of 9 visits, a single coaster can deliver up to 186.3 impressions. Our minimum order quantity of 2500 coasters provides a total of 465,750 impressions, and at an MSRP of $400 for our medium weight stock, you pay only $0.000865 per impression.
  • Coasters act the same way as little billboards, but even better. Instead of seeing the message for 10 seconds and proceeding to travel miles away, coaster messaging stays with customers the entire sitting, with 62% of people saying they “sometimes take coasters home.”

How do you take advantage of coaster advertising?

It’s one thing to put your brand or product on a coaster, but it is truly another thing to make it into more than just a beverage coaster. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that ad agencies and businesses haven’t already been utilizing coasters as something more for years. These are some of the ideas that they used and you can too!

Make your coaster into:

  • Postcard
  • Recipe card
  • Table game
  • Ticket or pass
  • Coupon
  • Contests
  • Fun Takeaway
  • Keepsake for event

If you want more details into ideas for coasters check out our Ten ideas blog post!

They’re not just for Beer anymore!

We’ve gone over the numbers and why you should be thinking of using coasters in your advertising campaigns, but who uses coasters? Check out the pictures to the right and you will find TV shows, book publishers, events, causes and more. Stop just coasting with your advertising, use coasters as your advertising!

*Figures based on study by Canisius College and SUNY Buffalo

harlequin coaster
Custom Event Coasters
Fund Raiser Coaster
Postcard coaster

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