10 ideas for great coaster design. Topic 8: Glow in the dark

Glow in the dark Black Light Coasters

Topic 8: When the Lights Go Down, the Coasters Come Up!

Glowsters! Coasters that glow! Glow in the Dark and Black Light! Although they could be separate posts, Glow in the dark and Black Light coasters kind of go together. They don’t go together like peanut butter and jelly but they could be good friends that live in the same neighborhood.

Picture this, it’s a dimly lit bar filled with patrons. All the patrons seem to be gathered around a single glowing object. It’s your glow in the dark coaster, the only thing that can be read in the darkest of bars, clubs and restaurants! Be that object of conversation and let your coaster be more than just a coaster, let it be a beacon!

Black light coasters, although not light absorbent, come alive in the dark with the help of black lights. Are your coasters going in a club, then this is the item for you. With black light coasters you can have images that only appear under black lights. Logos, messages, and other fun things can be printed with blacklight inks and will come to life under a blacklight.

All and all these are just two of the tools that can help your coaster be more than  a place to set drinks, it can be a conversation piece, a collectible, a billboard or more.

custom black light coaster
hinano blacklight coaster
Glow in the dark coaster
Glow in the dark coaster

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