10 design ideas for coasters. Topic 9: Spot Gloss

spot gloss coasters

Topic 9: Nothing to Gloss Over!

What is one of the best ways to catch someone’s eye? Catch it with something shiny! If metal foil is a little too shiny for your tastes have we got something for you…Spot gloss and textured gloss!

Spot and textured gloss helps you emphasize part of the coaster with a glossy coating. This works extremely well as coasters by nature have a matte finish due to the highly absorbent material they are made from. You can “gloss-up” anything on a coaster, your logo, a photo, text, and more.

Much like metal foil, spot gloss can be used to a an extra level of sophistication to your coaster. A matte black coaster with a glossy black logo on it looks very upscale. The glossy coating gives the coaster an embossed look which also gives it a luxury feel.

It’s sporty too!

Don’t let spot gloss fool you, it can be tough and sporty too. Want to do a basketball or football themed coaster? Textured spot gloss has you covered by creating a texture on the surface of the coaster to make the football or basketball come alive on the coaster (check out the example to the right).

The textured spot gloss could be great for a coaster with tires, a yoga mat, leather, or anything else you’d like to add a shiny texture to.

Our next post is the grand finale of our 10 design ideas, and we are going big and cramming in as many unique coaster ideas as we can!

dos equis spot gloss coaster
GG Spot gloss coaster
oculto spot gloss coaster

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