10 ideas for great coaster design. Topic 3: Punch Out

10 ideas for great coaster design. Topic 3: Punch Out

Topic 3: Getting Punchy with Punch Out Coasters

The third idea on our list is to use a punch out in your coaster design. You might ask “what is a punch out, besides something that happens in boxing?” A punch out is where there is a shape that is die cut inside the coaster’s boundaries and what is left is knocked out. It’s like using a cookie cutter. Imagine there is a 4 inch round circle of cookie dough and you use a 2 inch heart shaped cookie cutter right in the middle of the cookie dough and removed the heart shape. What you are left with is a circle cookie with a heart shaped hole.

Now imagine your coaster with a custom cut out shape in it! It could be any shape, you could use your logo shape, an animal shape, or any kind of geometric shape that might add to the design of the coaster.

Let’s Build Something

This is where it gets interesting, what if we could cut out a shape but leave it there for your patron to punch out? This adds a whole new world of possibilities. The pieces could be punched out to let the patron build a game, assemble a figure or pop out a coupon or any kind of take away.

Punch outs are great for theme coasters. They also allow one or more levels of interaction with the viewer. There is the discovery level where they discover the coaster does more than just collect moisture. Then there is the action level where they pick up your coaster and interact with it.

Shapes and Punch outs are a great way to make your coaster more than just a coaster! Stayed tuned for the next idea: Scratch and Sniff coasters!

Dog Fish Head Punch Out Coaster
Captain Morgan punch out coaster

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