Flipping Out: The Art of Coaster Flipping

coaster flipping and beer mat flipping a step by step how to

Maybe you’ve heard of coaster flipping, or maybe you are like me and you haven’t. I never heard of it until I worked here at Katz Americas. I’ve been to my fair share of bars too, and I have to say I have never seen anyone coaster flip, yet I was told that it happens quite regularly.

Much like soccer, coaster flipping isn’t an american sport, and as Soccer is called Football in Europe, Coaster flipping is Beer Mat Flipping in Europe. The first coasters, er… beer mats were made in 1880 out of cardboard and were used to cover your beer.

No one seems to know when beer mat flipping became popular but I assume it was one or two days after the beer mat was invented. My guess is that beer mat flinging came first and people became tired of picking up beer mats from across the pub. They then probably settled on flipping the beer mat and catching it as this caused the least time away from your beer.

Beer Mat flipping goes something like this: you take your beer mat and balance it half on the edge of the bar and half off the bar. Then with a quick upsweep of the back of your fingers you flip the coaster into the air. With the same hand that you flicked the coaster with you have to catch said coaster only after it does a 180 degree flip or more. You cannot use two hands or any other objects such as the table, tape, glue, or that bit of gum stuck to your palm.

This is where it gets good, after flipping one coaster you add a second. If you flip and catch those, you add a third and so on and so forth. As of this moment the world record amount of flipped coasters in one stack at one time is 112. This feat took world record holder Mat Hand over 4 hours and 129 attempts! Currently I am up to 6 at once. World Record here I come!


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