10 design ideas for great coasters. Topic 10: The Finale

10 design ideas for great coasters. Topic 10: The Finale

Being more than just a beverage coaster

This is it, this is the tenth installment of our 10 ideas for great coaster design. This last one is the big finale, the piece de resistance. We would like to share some of the coolest ideas that we have seen come across our desks at Katz. We hope this post and the last 9 posts have inspired you. Use these examples for ideas and let us know if you think of others, and remember its more than just a beverage coaster.


This one is a retro idea that’s come back to be popular at breweries. Turn your coaster into a postcard! This is a creative way to interact with guests. Give them a great way to send out a “thinking of you” postcard to make their friends jealous. This also markets your brand by having your coaster with your logo travel the world and end up in people’s mailboxes that might visit!

You can create a sense of wanderlust with the images on the postcard. Your can put your logo and a quote on it as well. You could also do a fill in the blank postcard to help the patron send something funny.

Recipe card

We say recipe card, but most of the time we see “Drink Recipe” cards. What better way to promote your signature drink or your brand of alcohol than to serve up an awesome recipe! If the recipe is good, the coaster will be taken and kept by the client. Now every time they use the recipe they will be reminded of you and where they got the coaster!

Table Games

Table games utilize our punch out coasters. This is a great way to interact with the user. You help them have more fun at the bar or restaurant they are at. Football field goal kicking games are popular and so are basketball shooting games.


Do you have a product or service people can use? Don’t just advertise on the coaster, give them a reason to use you with a coupon! The coaster itself could be a coupon or you can have a perforation added to your coaster so that the patron can tear off the coupon and put it in their wallet!

Ticket or Pass

Along the same lines as a coupon is making your coaster a ticket or a free pass! They can bring the coaster itself to get into the event or they can tear off the perforated section to make it more ticket-like!


Who doesn’t love a contest?! With coasters you can use variable data printing with scratch off technology to hold a contest on the coaster. There is not just scratch-off either, there is a pull-off option and a tab option.  Think of all the possibilities like prizes, percentages off, fortunes, and more.

Fun takeaways

Are you celebrating a special event or charity? Let your coaster be more than a beverage coaster, let it be a takeaway. Celebrating Movember? Let the patron punch out a mustache on the coaster and wear it around. How about some cool looking glasses or a bow tie to mark the event? There are always more ways to add fun with coasters!

Event or Memory keepsake

It was a great night, dinner and dancing with friends. Give the attendees something to remember the event by, by creating event specific coasters immortalizing the date and the event. Fundraising galas, dances, weddings and more can all be remembered with keepsake coasters.

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