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Promotional Coaster Advertising for Business

I bet I can tell you something that will blow your mind. Coasters can be used for every type of business you can think of. That statement alone probably did not blow your mind but the data I have just might. Every year we compile a list of the business categories we have produced coasters for. We do this to show that it’s more than just a beverage coaster!

In 2018 we produced coasters for 32 different types of businesses. We have the list below of the business categories we produced coasters for, but I should note there is really more than 32 categories. New categories of businesses come in all the time. For example one smoking hot category that we added in 2018 was marijuana dispensaries. This blooming business is growing a very rapid rate! We also have an “other” category for types of businesses that didn’t fit in our current categories. The “other” category gets looked at during the end of year and any new categories we can make out of it gets added to the 2019 list. What could be the next newest category?

Without further ado, here’s the list of the types of businesses we produced coasters for in 2018:

Accounting/Business Services

This category handles coasters for accountants, CPAs, banking, insurance, and  warehousing which isn’t taxing at all! Where do you find business owners and decision makers? Possibly at a country club, high end restaurant or networking event.Drop some coasters there and start a-counting how many leads you get.  


From oil changes to car dealerships the automobile category is revving its engines. This category often includes tires, oil changes, brake jobs, used cars, new cars, collision, car washes, and detailing. But by far the most popular of automotive coaster is the couponing for services coaster! Free oil change, tire rotation, BOGO Free Car?


This one you probably guessed would be on our list and is really no big surprise. But what you might be surprised at is bar’s need branding and marketing too. The bar can help increase the sales of beer or food by marketing it on a coaster. The highly visible nature of coasters lend themselves to this type of marketing where specials boards can’t. Did you know: Sales of the advertised items increased 34.9% Month over Month..

Beauty and Spa

Making your appearance the best it can be helps you feel better. You know what else helps you feel better? A spa day! From hair and makeup to nails and from therapeutic massage and facials to body wraps and acupuncture, it’s all covered! You know what looks good? Great images of spa treatments on a coaster. The visual impact a coaster can make added to where you put the coasters can rejuvenate a business!


Everybody thinks they might know this category, but you might not know it all. Brewing up extra sales or increasing the sales of a particular item is not easy and to do it in a cost effective way is even more tricky. Fear not the highly visual coaster can help draft new sales or people for special events. In a recent study the New York Beer Project increased their sales of “The ONE” New England IPA by 34.9% by using coasters. Did you know: 22% of customers who knew what they were going to order before coming to the restaurant change their order because of the influence of the coaster.


If you can bet on one thing bet on the fact that there is a lot going on at casinos. From spas, to restaurants and amazing shows and acts. Not only are those things covered with promotional coasters but coasters are a great way to market get-away packages and more!

Charity (listed under donate or sponsor)

Need a cost effective way to get the word out about your charity or event? Need people to give? Coasters give and give and give you ways to spread the word about your charity. Besides getting more exposure you can inform and get responses. There’s no limit to where you can place these coasters.

Club or organization with membership

Clubs like having their very own coasters, often branding the establishment. Every club or organisation from the Moose, to the Elk, to the VFW or your local country club needs coasters to promote themselves and protect their surfaces. So join in with coasters!


One of the fastest growing categories on our list. This is mainly due to all of the advertising restrictions dispensaries and marijuana have on them. One avenue that is NOT restricted is coasters. Being able to put the dispensary promotional coasters at a 21 and over bar eliminates all restrictions! Want to get into more details? Click here.

Education (colleges)

College recruiting, on campus clubs and events are mainstays on our list. They are not only a great way to market to prospective students and students, but they are fantastic at marketing to parents (they usually have more money than students). It’s educational to know about the power of coasters, check out our “WHY” page!


This is a wide category as it can be anything from a new album dropping, to a new musical coming into town, a local production of the Tempest, or a new tv show or movie.


So there’s a big event celebrating your city or a huge event celebrating peaches. What better way to add to the advertising you already are doing? Direct people to the event’s social media, or let them take the coaster home to put on their fridge as a reminder. Coasters can be event-full (get it?)

Food/ Service

Got a great food product or food service to promote? Put those items on a coaster. On a side note scratch and sniff would be a great way to use an added value for advertising your food product. As mentioned above there is hardly a better way to push an item in a restaurant or bar than coasters. Special boards usually don’t have pictures and you can only have so many pictures in a menu. Think of coasters as adding real estate to the menu. Want to get restaurant specific with coaster stats? Click here for our Restaurant specific page.


Healthcare is a big topic these days and it is also a very competitive market. Immediate care facilities, plastic surgery centers, eye surgery, nursing homes, the list goes on and they are all taking every opportunity to find channels that the competition is not utilizing. Keep your healthcare organization in tip top shape with coasters.


Local insurance companies utilize coasters a lot. Everyone wants to buy from a person that they know and trust. Putting your company and yourself on a coaster that is in local establishments give you a large amount of local cred. Insure the success of your business with coasters.

Internet Service

This one is a relatively newer category and growing steadily. What can we say, everyone uses internet services and most people get their drink with a coaster. Cloud services seem to be the front runner in this category.


This one is along the same lines as the insurance coaster and the real estate coaster. People like to buy from people that they know or are familiar with. Gaining local credibility by having a coaster in local establishments with your photo on it goes far when trying to convert prospects. Also, being top of mind for that patron when they are in need of help is where every great law firm wants to be.


Local craft liquor is bigger than ever and one way for them to distill sales is to use coasters. Be top of mind at the bar right when your potential patron is ordering. Local bars love to support local business and especially local distilleries. So coaster up and sell some more delicious local spirits!


Everyone wants to win the lottery. Coasters are usually found where people are having fun and what better fun than playing the lottery. This is behavioral targeting at it’s best.


Used a recruiting and branding tool, coasters work very well when promoting the armed services.

Not for Profit

Getting the word out for a nonprofit or a not for profit is difficult. Cost effective coasters are a great part of the nonprofit advertising and marketing equation.

Non-alcoholic Beverages

Not everyone orders alcoholic drinks, but all drinks do perspire so coasters are perfect!


Want to reach the masses? Want to reach the masses where politics could be a topic of discussion? Coasters fit that bill. When it’s time to advertise a political campaign vote coasters!

Public Service Announcement

Need to save the whales? Get people to ditch the straw? How about save a lake? These are all examples of coasters we have done in regards to PSAs. The cost and the ability to distribute the coasters makes them perfect for a PSA!

Real Estate

It’s time to go back to the strategy that helps insurance and legal….local cred! If you want people to use you for their personal stuff in their life like selling a home, they have to trust you. What better way to build that trust and credibility than to have your picture in local establishments?


The numbers tell a successful story about promoting products for your restaurant in your restaurant. “22% of customers who knew what they were going to order before coming to the restaurant change their order because of the influence of the coaster.”* Want restaurant specific information regarding how coasters can help restaurant sales? Click here.


Coasters are built to sell, just like retail. Drive traffic to your store, your website or ecommerce location. Maybe even cross promote brands! This can work for almost all of these categories.


Want to get your team’s schedule out to the public? Print it on coasters. “ coaster messaging stays with customers the entire sitting, with 62% of people saying they “sometimes take coasters home.”*


If someone is sitting with a drink they probably have their phone with them or even have it out. This is a great opportunity for information regarding apps. Everyone uses apps and coasters are a great vehicle for advertising and marketing apps.


Uber, Lyft, cab companies, and limo companies. Need a ride home? People can check their coasters for details! Be top of mind when people may need you most.


Our hottest category of 2018. Advertising vacation rentals, activities and even cities. When people are on vacation they are out to enjoy themselves. As they enjoy themselves advertise your attraction or plant the seed for next year’s vacation rental.


Who doesn’t love wine? Local wineries are a large business and advertising the wine’s goodness is the job of a promotional coaster. Coasters with wine trail maps, wine crawl dates, new vintages and even branding are classics. Let’s move to a new idea, the wine tasting coaster. Most wineries use coffee beans for patrons to sniff to clean their palate, how about a coffee scented palate cleansing coaster? Pretty original right?!

That’s our 2018 list of the business categories we produced coasters for. Can you think of a category we are missing or have suggestions for other uses? Contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

*Based on a 2019 Study by University at Buffalo

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