10 Ideas For Great Coaster Design. Topic 1: Shape

10 ideas for coaster design

Series: 10 ideas that equal great coaster design!

This blog series written to help with inspiration when designing coasters.

Topic 1: The shape of things to come.

Coasters,we have all used them whether at a restaurant, or a bar, or at aunt Sonya’s house, where the coaster sat under that refreshing lemonade. But have you ever really looked at a coaster, held it in your hand and thought of the possibilities? One might think that there is nothing to it. It’s flat, and either round or square with a colorful logo. You’d be right, but you’d also be coming up short on the possibilities that the mighty coaster holds!

Shape it up!

There are so many shapes out there to use besides round and square. The next step up is the rectangle, followed by other geometric shapes like hexagons and octagons to name a couple. They all have there place, rectangles allow you to add more content to your coaster. This comes in handy if you want to tell a story like the history of the establishment. The rectangle also gives you more of a mini-billboard feel for branding and advertising. Hexagons and octagons bring a level of sophistication and will definitely set your establishment apart. Add some gold foil to a hexagon or octagon coaster and you’ve just created a very formal looking coaster.

Taking it up a notch from there are custom shapes. These might include following the outline of a logo, a character, or an item. A custom shape is a great eye catcher. Customers usually are not used to looking down at a coaster that isn’t a round or square coaster, this causes a pause and draws attention to your message. Add to that the round or cylindrical shape of the beverage that you are placing on top of the coaster and that causes the coaster to stand out as well.

When doing a custom shape it isn’t necessary, but it is recommended to leave a solid color outline around the image. This allows the coaster to pop when placed on the usually dark surface of the bar or table.

Bonus tip: Add a different message to one side. Having the two sides of the coaster be different graphics or content can help you interact with your customer more. It allows you to continue the story or promote additional ideas!

Custom Shape Coaster
10 barrel rectangle coaster
Custom shape coaster
pyramid custom shape coaster

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