10 Ideas For Great Coaster Design. Topic 4: Scratch and Sniff

Scratch and sniff custom coasters

Topic 4: Wake up and smell the coasters!

When I was young I loved scratch and sniff stickers. In fact I had a whole sticker album full of them. It was that extra step you could take with a sticker that entranced me. Regular stickers were colorful and stuck to stuff. But scratch and sniff stickers were colorful, stuck to stuff and smelled like different things. One of my all time favorites was a little skunk sticker named Lil’ Stinker that smelled like a skunk! I loved that sticker because of its uniqueness. I mean who would want to smell a skunk and who would want to make a sticker that smelled like a skunk?

That is what makes adding a scratch and sniff  scent to your coasters a great design idea. They say scent is one of our strongest senses, it brings back memories and can influence decisions. It also adds another layer of interactivity to your coaster. If the client is holding your coaster close to their face to smell it, you can bet they are going to read and remember that coaster.

Let’s look at an example or two: You have a marijuana dispensary and you are looking for new clients. You could create regular coasters that have your business info on them and have them in restaurants and bars or you could do the same thing but add a scratch and sniff scent of marijuana to the coaster. This helps the client further associate your logo and your business with your product.

Next example:Let’s say you have a winery and you want to keep your tasting room branded without going over the top. You could use branded coasters. Let’s add a scratch and sniff scent to the coasters, let’s say…. coffee! Why coffee? You patrons can use the scent of coffee to help clear their olfactory receptors in between tastings!

You can do this with hundreds of scents! Coffee scents for a cafe, Suntan lotion scent for a tanning salon, hydrangea for a florist, apple pie or chocolate chip cookie scent for a bakery, the ideas are endless.

We’ve gone through 4 design ideas: shape, Punch out, and now scratch and sniff. Use one of these or a combination to take your coaster to the next level and make it more than just a beverage coaster!

Next Topic: Cold Reveal!

Scratch and sniff custom coaster
Scratch and sniff custom coaster
Scratch and sniff custom coaster
Marijuana Dispensary coaster advertisement


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    I’m Latrice, the founder of Ardor Bin candle co. I am looking to create scent coasters to replicate my candle fragrances. The goal is to use them as samplers for our scents. Is this a service that you offer, or can you point me in the right direction

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