10 ideas for great coaster design. Topic 5: Cold Reveal

color changing cold reveal coasters

Topic 5: So cool!

Nothing goes better on a coaster than a cold frosty beverage. Cold frosty beverages and coasters are like Yin and Yang, like Mac and Cheese, Peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk….you get the picture! The coaster keeps all of the condensation off of the bar and the beverage makes condensation so the coaster has something to do. What if there was another interaction?

The secret message

What if the cold beverage revealed a secret image or message on the coaster?! Now the coaster becomes more than just a beverage coaster it’s an interactive cold revealing marketing tool! What messages await in the cold reveal? Your logo? An intricate design? It could be simpler than that, you might just want the coaster to change colors when cold.

It’s not magic

It might seem like black magic, a normal coaster chilled by a glass to reveal something more printed on the coaster. We assure you that this is not black magic but super scientific ink from the future accidentally brought back in time by a time traveling pressman. The point is, this ultra futuristic coaster technology is yours to command!

Go forth and design a coaster with one or more of the design ideas including: shape, punch out, scratch and sniff and now cold reveal!

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color changing coaster
color changing

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