10 ideas for great coaster design. Topic 6: Foil

Metallic foil coasters

Topic 6: Shine on by adding Foil

Ever since we humans can remember we have been attracted to shiny things. There is something about smooth shiny metals that we like. We like them so much that we use shiny metals to denote how good something is, like the gold standard. You win an event, you get a gold metal or when you are good, you are golden.

It only seems natural to want to add these metals to other objects too, like maybe coasters! Adding metallic foil to coasters definitely takes them up a notch. It also by default adds an embossing to the coaster due to the foil being stamped on. Creating a coaster with metallic foil and embossed adds a level of sophistication to your brand. I guess you can say they are fancy foils!

Like the many colors of the metallic rainbow there are multiple colors to choose from. Gold, silver, and bronze are the most common but there is also red, green, and matte black. To name a few.

Right now we are up to six different design options for coasters: Custom shape, Chalkboard, Scratch and Sniff, Cold Reveal, Punch Out, and now Foils. Make your coaster more than just a beverage coaster, pump it up with some value added options!


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