Ale to the Chief

Ale to the Chief

It was recently made public that the Obama Administration had installed a craft brewing operation in the White House. Being curious by nature, people were wondering, and even asking the president on his campaign trail, what type of brews were being made there and what ingredients were being used. After about a week of speculation, the recipes were made public.

The first beer is The White House Honey Ale; a light and crisp beer with a rich aroma and bright finish. TWH Honey Ale uses honey extracted from honeycombs right on the White House grounds, which is a cool touch to make a unique brew. Unfortunately, the official White House Honey doesn’t seem to be on sale, but can be substituted if trying to make it at home. The official recipe is as follows:

The second brew is The White House Honey Porter; a darker, maltier brew that has a heavier, more robust flavor with chocolate accents and a sweeter finish. Again, the Honey Porter uses Honey from the White House South Lawn beehive and four different types of malt. The recipe is as follows;
Although we haven’t actually tasted these beers yet (and I do mean yet), we’re pretty sure they taste like freedom.

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