Craft Distilling

Happy National Craft Distillery Day!

What is a craft distilling? What is distilling? You are in luck as we have the answers to those questions and more as we celebrate national craft distillery day!

Distilling History

It’s been said that wine can occur naturally on it’s own and beer can be brewed with very little interaction, but distilling is a man made process. You need specific equipment and technology and an understanding of the process in order to distill alcohol.

There is a a lot we don’t know about when the actual first distilling of spirits occurred. What we do know is the Albertus Magnus (1193-1280) was the first one to write about the process in the 1200s.

Craft Distilling

As time progressed we grew able to mass produce spirits , where today we have giant brands like Absolut and Patron. So what does it mean to be a craft distiller? I think craft distilling is more of an art, something where the time and energy that is put into it makes the process more time consuming than that of large scale distillers.

Craft Distilleries also seem to take a step back and reevaluate the distilling process. Some even revert to older techniques which have merit in producing certain complex flavors.

The end result

Let’s raise a glass to craft distilling! Whether it is to capture past techniques, reinvent techniques, or add excitement and new flavors to classic spirits we can thank the craft distilling industry for keeping a long time tradition fresh and new!



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