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What’s the best way to plan, run and do event marketing? Have someone that is really good at it do it for you! Bold Hat Productions is a leading production, marketing and event management firm based in Seattle. Their expertise spans creating, promoting and implementing large, multifaceted public events.

How Bold Hat Does Event Marketing

Advertising an event can be difficult. What channels can you use to reach your target audience? If your event involves entertainment or beverage tasting one of the best ways to reach your audience is through beverage coasters. Beverage coasters at wineries, bars, restaurants and coffee shops are an extremely targeted way to get in front of your potential attendees. 62% of the people say they sometimes take home their coaster, as a result they now have a reminder of your event which has the time, date and location.

One of Bold Hat’s tried and true methods for marketing and promoting the events they put on is the use of beverage coasters. In this case it’s more than a beverage coaster it’s a billboard for the event, getting the word out and interacting with possible event goers.

Jillian Briggs, Sponsorship Manager from Bold Hat tells us how she uses Katz Coasters with sponsors when promoting their events in the Seattle area.

Katztimonial Bold Hat

Do you want to market your upcoming event? Check out our inspiration gallery for more ideas on how you can use coasters. You can also email or call one of our Customer Service Reps for helpful ideas and tips on how you can make your coaster more than a coaster.



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