Postcards? No, Coastcards!

Postcards? No, Coastcards!

The mailbox, that magical portal of correspondence. Do you remember the days before you were getting junk mail and bills? No? Neither can I…just kidding. Remember that feeling of getting a birthday card, a personal letter, or even a postcard from a friend or relative? I do, it was exciting. Believe it or not coasters can bring back that feeling of excitement, mystery and wonder with a coastcard.

The coastcard is a magical item like a jackalope, a centaur, or blowpop (it’s a sucker AND gum). A coastcard combines a coaster and a postcard into something you can set your drink on, look at, enjoy, and mail it on to a loved one or a not so loved one.

How fun right? You can enjoy your beverage in a scenic location and write a message with a hint of rodomantade on the other side of the coaster. The bar can offer stamps and mail out the coaster for you, and why wouldn’t they as it’s free targeted advertising!

Here are some examples of messages from real patrons at bars using coastcards:

“Dear Champ,

I sit enjoying my scotch taking in the breathtaking views of San Diego. Baxter is with me and ate a whole wheel of cheese. I was going to order a different drink but I thought milk was a bad choice. See you in a half hour on the set.

Yours Truly,


Next Example:


Wish you were here but I know you don’t roll on Shabbos. Enjoying a white russian in this quaint out of the way bowling alley bar. The bar has this kind of mellow vibe, some neon, some vinyl, and a couple of rugs to tie it all together.

Take care man,


Last Example:


Here at Max’s bar enjoying the craft beer and an odd convo with a small weird man. All he does is talk about classic blunders like ” never get in a land war in Asia” and a lesser known blunder “Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line”. Wish you were here to save me.

With love,


Pretty fun right? It almost makes you wish all bars, breweries, and DMVs had coastcards for people to enjoy. Writing letters is a lost art, let’s bring it back with the coastcard! If you’re ever in front of a coastcard send a note to us, we never get mail any more, just junk mail and old CDs from Columbia House.

Send it to:


KATZ Americas

3685 Lockport Road

Sanborn, NY 14132



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