beverage coasters

No matter whether you call them drink coasters, beverage coasters, custom coasters, or cup coasters, we make them custom for you! Our product is more than a coaster, it’s a mini billboard, a conversation piece, an extension of your brand, an interactive promotional piece, and much more. This is due to some of the unique items and techniques we bring to our product.

Not your average coaster.

Would your average coaster be scratch n’ sniff? We make those, and a lot of different other options like: coasters, glow in the dark coasters, heat reveal, cold reveal, glitter, custom shapes and more. As a result of adding one of these added value items you get a higher interaction rate with your customers! Click here for our gallery to see some of the options.

More than just a coaster!

Whether you are promoting your brand, marketing your product or services, advertising an event, or running an awareness campaign our coasters are the right promotion vehicle for you. This is due to 2 out of 3 people remembering the messaging on coasters after their dining/drinking experience. That means that 65% of people remember your product, service, or business. Your cup coaster becomes a conversation piece rather than an advertisement.

Furthermore the average customer will order 2.3 drinks per sitting. Over the course of a single drink, the customer will lift their drink and view the coaster an average of 9 times. With an average coaster lifespan of 9 visits, a single coaster can deliver up to 186.3 impressions. Our minimum order quantity of 2500 coasters provides a total of 465,750 impressions, and at an MSRP of $400 for our medium weight stock, therefore you pay only $0.000865 per impression.

Promo Pak.

Promo Paks make it easy to get your brand or event on coasters. These are advertising coasters available in low and high quantities to fit your budget. Click the link below to learn more and see pricing.

Promo Pak Coasters

Low Cost. Low Quantity. Custom Coasters.

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