Customer Service

Your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we strive to provide you with exceptional service along with coasters that don’t just meet, but exceed, your quality expectations.


Our capabilities have evolved with the help of our customers and their great ideas. We always look forward to customer requested challenges in growing our catalog and our abilities.

Vertical Integration

Every step of your coaster production, from inception to completion, is handled in-house. This approach gives you more control and accountability, while also saving you time and money.

Environmental Stewardship

We produce the most eco friendly coasters around and we’re always looking for newer, greener ways of doing business.

Our History

When we started producing coasters in 1979, we had one goal: “To overwhelm our customers by exceeding their expectations.” For nearly three decades, we operated as American Coaster Company until merging with Ad-Mat International Coasters in 2007. Shortly thereafter, American Coaster Ad-Mat was purchased by The KATZ Group to become the KATZ Americas you know today. Despite the changes to our name, our values have not wavered. At KATZ Americas, we hope to make working with us so incredibly easy that you wonder why everyone else can’t do the same for you. As you come to expect this level of service from us, we’ll focus on continuous improvement to provide an even better experience for you. That is what drives us and we welcome the challenge! Let us prove to you that what we say is not just words and pulpboard, but the fabric of what makes us who we are at KATZ Americas.

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Customer Service

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