WHY is it more than just a beverage coaster?


Because coasters are a Sales Driver

It’s the first step to increasing your sales…
Coasters don’t just serve to protect the surface they’re sitting on, they dare customers to try something different, tempt them to taste and prompt them to purchase.

Coasters are tried and tested…
During independent studies, coasters have increased the sales of advertised items by as high as 34.9% when compared month over month

It’s not just for bars and restaurants…
Coasters have a wide scope of applications, and the bar/restaurant scene is just the tip of the iceberg. We cater to products, services, and any business you can advertise with unique coasters that catch eyes and get results.

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Because coasters provide Marketing Value

Coasters hold a 65% retention rate…
Think about it; 2 out of 3 people remember the messaging on coasters after their dining/drinking experience. That means that 65% of people remember your product, service, or business. It becomes a conversation piece rather than an advertisement.

Coasters influenced 22% of purchase decisions during independent studies, which translates to real sales for your business. To put things in perspective, the average influence of a highway billboard is 1-3%.

Coasters offer more advertising bang for your buck…
Why pay the premiums for people to see your message, when you can get 465,750 impressions per coaster order? Here’s how: The average customer will order 2.3 drinks per sitting. Over the course of a single drink, the customer will lift their drink and view the coaster an average of 9 times. With an average coaster lifespan of 9 visits, a single coaster can deliver up to 186.3 impressions. Our minimum order quantity of 2500 coasters provides a total of 465,750 impressions, and at an MSRP of $400 for our medium weight stock, you pay only $0.000865 per impression.

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Because coasters are a form of Brand Extension

Think Billboard, but smaller…
Coasters act the same way as little billboards, but even better. Instead of seeing the message for 10 seconds and proceeding to travel miles away, coaster messaging stays with customers the entire sitting, with 62% of people saying they “sometimes take coasters home.”

It’s a way for your brand to reach for more…
It’s when your brand strives to do more that we get to be “more than just a beverage coaster.” We have a wealth of products that can cater to your brand’s personality and cut through the traditional advertising clutter.

Speaking of personality…
With a limitless amount of custom shapes, added value applications and personalized interactions, coasters can embody the fun, hip, edgy or prestigious personality of your brand in a unique way.

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Because our mission is to overwhelm you with our Customer Service

Who says doing it fast and doing it right have to be different?
Need a custom quote on a coaster order? We’ll have it to you within 24 hours time. Need your coasters fast? We have a 15 day turnaround time with expedited shipping available. Need your coasters even faster? We have a premium rush program to cut down your turnaround time to 7 days plus shipping.*

We take pride in our work, and our 97% Customer Satisfaction rate shows that. You can count on us to process your order quickly, correctly and help you in any other way we can.

Don’t just listen to us, listen to our customers; you can see what they’re saying about us right here.

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Because our coasters Physically do more than any other beverage coaster

Our coasters are flexing, you just can’t see it
Coasters from KATZ Americas are the most absorbent available; they’re able to hold more than three times their weight in water. KATZ Coasters have a longer lifespan than any other; our coasters can be used an average of 8-11 uses. KATZ Americas coasters are all natural; we use no composite materials in the production of our coasters, and we have a commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

You can do more with the coaster…
Did you know that with KATZ Americas, your coaster can be physically more than just a beverage coaster? We’re talking about coupons, response cards, business cards and promotional pieces that ARE your coasters. How cool is that? On top of these: door hangers and table games are available with KATZ Americas coasters. We constantly think of new ways to make our coasters “more than just a beverage coaster,” and our only limit is your own creativity. Give us a call today to learn how we can do more for your brand!

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