Environmental Stewardship

Some People Call It “Going Green.” We Call It Business As Usual.

At Katz Americas, we put our money where our mouth is when it comes to producing eco-friendly signage and substrates. We adhere to strict environmental standards throughout our production process and in recent years we have implemented numerous environmentally friendly initiatives into our operations. We are continually looking for newer, greener ways of doing business. Take a look at some of our current practices:

Take A Look At Some Of Our Current Practices

Our KATZ Display Board

  • Base material consists of 48-59% RECYCLED CONTENT
  • UP TO 40% LIGHTER THAN GREYBOARD (which many competitors use), allowing a greater cost savings in logistics
  • Contains NO COMPOSITES.
  • 100% Natural adhesives and print surfaces.

Our Locations in The USA

  • Waste (paper and board) recycled and RE-USED in the production of new KATZ Display Board.
  • Energy-efficient motion sensor lighting.
  • We operate UNDER minimum standards for waste solids and gases in each state in which we are located.

Our Board Mill in Germany

  • Only timber from reforestation programs – seeking to protect and restock existing forests – is used in KATZ Display Board.
  • KATZ utilizes wood material that would otherwise be destroyed in effort to further sustainability.
  • Up to 36% OFTHE FACILITY’S ENERGY NEEDS are covered by regenerative energy sources, including the Murg River that runs past the plant, as well as renewable sources available through the local power company.
  • A closed water circulation system helps REDUCE FRESH WATER CONSUMPTION BY UP TO 90%.
  • 0% WASTEWATER released during pulpboard production.
  • The energy efficient heat recovery system, which was installed in 2010, has INCREASED PRODUCTION BY 13%, while also REDUCING ENERGY INPUT BY 11%
  • 72.5 TONS of pulpboard produced each day.

1.2mm Recycled Content

1.6mm Recycled Content

2.0mm Recycled Content

Take a look at our Eco-Friendly Production Process

Display Board eco-friendly process