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Real Estate Advertising

Real Estate Promotion

The idea behind real estate promotion is to make your business, or your company highly visible. The challenge is how do you get the word out to the population about your real estate services? Promoting yourself as an agent or a firm can be costly and complicated. Let’s face it ads and billboards can reach the masses but their ROI is negligible at best. Television ads often suffer from fragmentation, print ads suffer from loss of readership, and billboards suffer from tiny time windows in which to get the message across. Not to mention all of these advertising channels have other advertisers that are fighting for the same client as you!

With coasters you can engage the individual in a one on one situation regarding your real estate expertise. The average customer will order 2.3 drinks per sitting. Over the course of a single drink, the customer will lift their drink and view the coaster an average of 9 times. With an average coaster lifespan of 9 visits, a single coaster can deliver up to 186.3 impressions.

Think Billboard, but smaller…

Coasters act the same way as little billboards for real estate promotion, but even better. Instead of seeing the message for 10 seconds and proceeding to travel miles away, coaster messaging stays with customers the entire sitting, with 62% of people saying they “sometimes take coasters home.”

It’s more than just a coaster….

With a limitless amount of custom shapes, added value applications like texture and spot gloss, coasters can embody the fun, hip, edgy or prestigious personality of your event in a unique way.

Coasters are tried and tested…

During independent studies, coasters have increased the sales of advertised items by as high as 27% when compared month over month

It’s not just for bars and restaurants…

Coasters have a wide scope of applications, and the bar/restaurant scene is just the tip of the iceberg. We cater to products, services, and any business you can advertise with unique coasters that catch eyes and get results.

When promoting yourself or your real estate company it is easy to see the cost effective, high impact value of coasters when marketing.

We’ve created our Promo Pak program to make our high quality coasters easier and more affordable than ever. To help get you started, we have created this helpful Promo-Pak guide. If you still have questions and want to chat, feel free to contact us, we’d be happy to help.

3.5″ and 4″ Round and Square Shapes:

Quantity Light Weight Stock (approx 35 pt) Medium Weight Stock (approx 55 pt) Heavy Weight Stock (approx 80 pt)
2,500 $432.16 $459.21 $551.30
5,000 $565.14 $601.98 $722.37
10,000 $1,100.55 $1,169.97 $1,433.41
15,000 $1,600.55 $1,699.70 $2,128.88
20,000 $1,876.75 $1,985.81 $2,808.55
25,000 $2,321.50 $2,468.82 $3,475.88
50,000 $4,262.36 $4,531.22 $6,373.87
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