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Custom quotes in 24 hours

Custom quotes in 24 hours

15 day standard turn around

15 day standard turn around

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7 day premium rush program

7 day premium rush program

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Row of sample coasters

We hold even the clammiest of hands. But there’s no need to be nervous! Custom coasters are our jam. We make it soooo easy for your customer’s brand to be the life of any party. (Even parties that technically aren’t parties, though, isn’t every occasion a chance to party?)

Easier than the others

We will be the easiest promotional partner you work with. We’ve been coastering since ‘79 so we’re feeling good about this.

Challenge accepted

We live for creating something we haven’t before. If you’ve got a wild idea, our first answer will always be, “We’ll try anything once!” (Well, some things more than once, are we right, Gary?”)

Everything is ours

We are completely integrated, from the production of the pulp board to the special finishes you crave, everything is handled in-house. This saves you big time and money.

It’s on us

We know if we miss or mess up that you’re going to be sweatin’. So we promise on-time delivery, with your custom coasters precisely as you ordered.

Absorb their attention…and their glass sweat.

It’s a battle against boredom. Your customers want their brand to be the life of the party. Consumers are sophisticated, and traditional methods aren’t always as engaging or thought-provoking. Custom coasters up your chances of grabbing and holding attention.



Put the promotional pen down.

Custom coasters aren’t the typical promotional item. Which is why they work so well. Everybody’s used to seeing pens, and pads, and other trinkets. So they don’t stand out. And, seriously, how much palm sweat can a pen absorb? (Don’t actually answer that.)



Coasters can be whatever you want them to be.

Who says the only thing a custom coaster can hold is a glass? Think of them like mini-billboards that people aren’t hurtling past at 65 miles per hour. Coasters hold attention whether they hold a glass or not. And who says they have to look like a coaster or even be used like one? The cooler your coaster, the greater the chance that consumers will hold on to it and talk about it.

For the Promotional Poindexter in Us All


The amount of times a person looks at a coaster in just one sitting

2 out of 3

The people that will remember the message on your coaster


The amount of plastic used in our coasters


Brands over the years that loved using our custom coasters

What coasters can do

Drive Sales

Coasters are an undercover sales ninja not-hidden in plain sight

Independent studies show that coasters increased the sales of advertised items by as much as 34.9% compared month over month.*

Marketing Value

The retention rate of coasters is 65%, meaning 2 out of 3 consumers can recall the brand, product, or offer.*

Coasters influenced 22% of purchase decisions during an independent study. *

Brand Extension

Reinforce brand message and personality while increasing familiarity with your audiences.

People hold on to coasters. 62% say they take them home sometimes.* (When they aren’t lame, that is. The coasters, not the people. We can party with anybody if they’re down.)

*Based on independent studies conducted by Canisius College and SUNY Buffalo.

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