Our inks are vegetable based. So they don’t include things known to be toxic to humans or pets. Also, they can lower your cholesterol when part of a heart healthy diet.*

(*This statement has not been evaluated by medical professionals, or our attorneys. We won’t tell if you won’t.)

Ecological Dyes

Sustainably Farmed


Responsible sourcing means managing forests responsibly. We replace the trees we cut and make sure we only cut what we should.


Using hydropower, 51% of our energy comes from renewable sources. We also recover heat thrown off during production and use it to help heat our facilities, which also contributes to our lower energy footprint.

Responsible Manufactering

Low Water Waste


We reuse the water from our production process, lowering waste water and requiring only 10% of the fresh water needed by our competitors.


While we use as much of our raw materials as possible, some is left over at the end of the production process. We reuse 98.9% of these excess materials in making the next batch.

No Waste

Zero Plastic

Zero Plastic

That pretty much says it. No plastic is used in producing your coasters. So, you won’t find us floating around in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. However, we do accept credit cards as a form of payment.


Pulp board isn’t just a good time, it’s also great when recycled. And if it ends up in the environment, it’s fully biodegradable.

Eco Friendly

“We like to think we were doing it the right way before we knew it was right.”